The music; spirited forward by sound experimentation, seems to crawl from the fog blending organic and electronic elements while being lyrically rooted in a more unified vision for the future.”


Electric City Underground is an electronic music project that began on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. ECU's music is tuned to A=432Hz as apposed to the standard A=440Hz. Tuning to 432Hz has been proven to stimulate DNA reproduction and is used in holistic healing.

The music has been heard in Six Flags Amusement Parks across the U.S. The video for "Son of the Beat" has been featured on Much Music's "The Wedge." The album "All Means Necessary" received a Nova Scotia Music nomination for Urban Artist/Group Recording of the year in 2011, and the group's third album "Migration" was nominated for electronic recording of the year. The songs “Let it Go” and “The Invisible Man” were featured in Quicksilver`s 2012 Gold Coast round 2&3 world surf finals. The singles "Take This World by Storm" and "Livin' for Ourselves" became household favorites when they fell into heavy rotation on the South Shore's CKBW.

Electric City Underground's fifth album is an "audio film" entitled "Protons Get No Respect." It is the conclusion of a five-part saga that began with the first album. The term "Audio Film" refers to the album being written as a soundtrack to a film that existed only in it's creator’s minds. It follows the last surviving human couple as they depart a destroyed earth to find a new home in the cosmos. The "Audio Film" follows two coinciding plot lines, one is the couples physical journey through space, while the other is the questions they pose along the way in order to begin humanity again, without repeating the mistakes of the past, in the hopes of a new beginning where all people approach life’s struggles together. The album draws further inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence, musical frequencies in 432hz tuning and the spiraling, cyclical nature of life and the cosmos.

Electric City Underground was founded in 2006 by Kirk Comstock and has released four albums to date; "Electric City Underground"(2007), "All Means Necessary"(2010), "Migration"(2013) and "Unity"(2015). Kirk's concept was to create a movement that was more than the sum of its parts, and hoped to involve and inspire people from all walks of life, all over the globe, to experience a peaceful love-filled life. There is a story from the French shore of Nova Scotia that speaks of a sophisticated and multicultural settlement from the 1800's called "The Electric City" by local Acadians, African Canadians, and Mi’kmaq because of it's advanced way of life and the way the sawmill glowed from a distance. The name took further inspiration from the Underground Railroad in Canada that helped people escape slavery in the early to mid 19th century. The idea of a better way forward for all humanity has inspired and directed the creation of every note, lyric and album since the beginning.

Electric City Underground now features a revolving door of musicians in order to achieve it's unique blend of electronic and organic elements; Paul Charron (Percussion & Programming), Jordi Comstock (Drums & Percussion), Richard Charron (Percussion), Luke Comstock (Bass), Shawn Bent (Guitars), Jessie Brown (Vocals), Amanda LeBlanc (Vocals), Shirley Jackson (Saxophone), Michael Hermiston (Trumpet), Wanda Baxter (Violin), Lender Bowles (Guitars).

Electric City Underground draws inspiration from the Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Soul and Disco of the 60's and 70's as well as the darker textures of 80's and 90's Rock, Punk, Hip Hop and Electronic music. Electric City Underground owe a huge sonic debt to the likes of NIN, New Order, Tribe Called Quest, Pink Floyd, Tool, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, The Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.

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