Dirty Water

New Single and Video

Available evrywhere you find your music--> https://ffm.to/dzmbo7r

It is like something that you'd experience at a retreat where demons need to be banished and the incumbents are invited to rid them via an acid trip supplied by Electric City Underground”

— mp3hugger


Our single featuring Halifax Hip Hop legend Tachichi is available everywhere-->https://ffm.to/d5j0x0z

Check out the video for 'Sad Sad Souls' below...

It's a track we collaborated on with Third Odd Elephant

Available on 'Vol.1' --> https://ffm.to/2agn9vk

An undiscovered Gem” - Alan Cross

New EP "9"

Available now....

 "9" was written, recorded and produced during the Canadian lock-down of 2020. Paul Charron, along with brothers Kirk and Jordi Comstock, worked together, while isolated in three separate studio environments. The resulting sound is a cross section of everything the group is known for; dance grooves, pop sensibility, heavy alternative textures and a tuning of 432Hz. Lyrically the songs focus on positivity, hope and connection. “ We ultimately wanted to make something that would provide strength and make you dance......inside”

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